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Yuri Marmerstein: How To Move Like A Gymnast

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Most of us haven’t been pushed into the splits by our coach from 5 years old. So is it too late to learn to move like an acrobat?

Yuri Marmerstein is an acrobat, handbalancer and adult learner, which sets him apart as a fantastic teacher. Unlike many gymnastics coaches, he recognises that adults have different needs and constraints too.

Also covering:

  • How to periodise gymnastics with bodybuilding
  • How to learn many skills at once
  • The games your ego plays when you’re learning new skills
  • Where to start if you’ve never done this stuff before
  • What flexibility and gymnastics can teach you about your emotional state
  • How to use coaching and video feedback to accelerate your learning
  • How to learn any new skill
  • What acting can teach you about your body

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