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The trouble with tracking – Propane Podcast Episode 102 & Propane Picks week ending 08/10

Propane Podcast Episode 102

Show Notes

This week on the Propane Fitness Podcast, Jonny and Yusef discuss problems with tracking, Fitbits and other activity trackers, “Stealth Porking” and the polite way to defecate a worm.

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Propane Picks Week Ending 08/10

It’s that time of the week again where we sift through the best of the Fitness and Productivity world for your reading, listening and viewing pleasure. If you’d like to be considered for the Pick List then shoot us a message.

Our Top Pick this week is –

The Perfect Diet DOES Exist – Matt Mearns for Healthy Living, Heavy Lifting

How do you find the diet that’s perfect for you? Does it even exist? In this article Matt Mearns discusses how to discover what works for you based on specificity, individual needs, goals and wants.

The rest of the list is pretty awesome too!


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