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Tip of the week: Stop carrying tupperware around. It’s weird

Tip of the week: Stop carrying tupperware around. It’s weird

Stop it.

I know some of you will be thinking that “Without Tupperware it will be impossible to have my 35g protein and 20g low GI carbs at 2:45pm” or “Shouldn’t I cook ALL my own food while dieting, isn’t eating in cafes bad for you?”. While I understand this argument and there are many merits to following such a strict plan, its boring and its unsustainable.

The more flexible a plan is, the easier it is to follow. When I started paying more attention to my diet I began by timing my meals, weighing everything and keeping a cool bag in my car, all this did was make me HATE dieting.

The price of such an approach: Turning down the lunch date or beer with friends in favour of the dry chicken and soggy spinach sweating in your glove compartment.

A diet doesn’t have to be like this to work.

Your six-pack won’t turn to mush if you have Nando’s chicken for lunch instead of your 250g of omega-3 enriched chicken – as long as you don’t grossly exceed calorie or macronutrient requirements.

Therefore, the tip for the week is:
– Disregard meal frequency [1] [2] [3]
–  Plan ahead and work out when you will be out the house and need to eat. Once you’ve determined this look at your options; chances are you can pick something that fits within your macro requirements.
– Ask for no dressing or vegetables instead of chips.
– Alternatively, hit a protein goal for the day, and just make up remaining calories rather than aiming for a specific carb:fat ratio.
– Enjoy meals out with friends rather than seeing it as a dietary obstacle

Tracking macros while eating out:

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