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How to eat until you’re STUFFED while dieting

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I can’t get no satisfaction

For those of us dieting for summer, hunger control can be the main determinant of our success. In addition to fasting, which means eating fewer, and therefore larger and more satisfying meals, here’s how to stuff your face without going over your macros:


Rotate the density of your food choices, increasing volume as you reduce calories.


This is the basic principle, brilliantly encapsulated in an infographic by

For example, if you’re following something like Ben’s carb cycling plan or the Propane Protocol,these could be your primary food choices:


High Carb days:

On high carb days, you may have to hit up to 600g carbs – in which case you can be hedonistic and enjoy dense and sugary carb choices:
Biscuits, etc.

These ones were made with protein powder – See for more recipes


High volume, low calorie density foods:

Rather than eating the same foods but trying to control your portions (brb weightwatchers), just choose more satiating carb choices:

Voluminous carbs:
Mashed Turnip (5g carbs/100g),
Potato (20g/100g),
Strawberries (8g/100g),
85% Dark Chocolate (22g/100g),
Aubergine (5.7g/100)

Additionally, you could take a look at Protein-Pow and make some Protein Oreos – check out the site, some absolute corkers on there:

How about a high protein cheesecake and low-carb pizza?

“Meat slop”
Got this idea from silverhydra. Absolutely huge meat stew with barely any calories, and very easy to make in a slow cooker/hob.

Meat slop. Versatile, low calorie, high protein, and better than it sounds!
Meat slop. Versatile, low calorie, high protein, and better than it sounds!

Avoid having liquid calories like protein shakes on these days, make every calorie something to enjoy. For example, make a highly filling protein fluff rather than drinking the same amount of protein:

For more recipes like this, see our guide to macro friendly cheesecakes

Additionally, there’s:

– Mushrooms – These have played a big part in my life recently. Only 0.4% carbs. You can grill them with garlic and they’re pretty damn satiating. I often eat close to 1kg at a time.

Flickr – Daniel Eizans

– Coconut and broccoli soup. Fantastic.

Spinach, mashed swede with garlic and smoked haddock (3g carbs),


Zero-Carb Ice cream (can blend cottage cheese for lower fat)

Or how about a low carb chocolate cheesecake? 

Zero carb coconut Pancakes with protein fluff

We challenge you to go over your carb allowance using grilled mushrooms. Good luck with that!


Obviously this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should give you some ideas for food rotations. Have a play around. You won’t even feel like you’re dieting. Check the forum for more recipes.


More to come on appetite and satiety, stay tuned.

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