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Shot Of Propane: How To Set Up Your Summer Diet


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How Summer Really Makes Me Feel

Posted by PropaneFitness on Tuesday, 8 May 2018

I’m writing this outside!

I know, CRAZY!

The past 72 hours have been some of the nicest weather I can ever remember in the UK.

And, like clockwork, with the sudden emergence of the sun comes the predictable pattern of topless people wherever you go, sunbathing in the street and everyone generally being incredibly happy.

Us Brits certainly know how to make the most of the small glimmer of sunshine we get.

If you’re like me, you probably notice you feel better when the weather is nice?

It’s pretty common to experience a good mood just because the sun is shining.

If I’m totally honest, the prospect isn’t as exciting for me this year.

As a result of trying to build my muscle and strength for powerlifting over the past 6 months or so, I’m looking a little softer than I’m used to.

In fact, I’m experiencing JUST how difficult it is to deliberately gain weight for the sake of a sport.

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ll know that I started my journey as an overweight teen.

Since I started out in the pursuit of losing weight and getting leaner, summer has served as a goal for me.

Showing a leaner, more defined physique for the warmer months is about as common as goals get in the fitness world.

Hot weather = Fewer clothes = More of desire to look good in the old birthday suit.

While I stopped truly caring about leanness for the sake of it years ago, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have a bit of a pang of desire to lean up as summer approaches.

It almost feels a bit weird to admit things like this sometimes.

That you just want to get a bit leaner so that you feel good about yourself.

Even if its totally for your irrational, most of us crave looking better for Summer.

This isn’t just a guess either.

Every year we receive more inquiries from followers, feeling like they’ve left the Summer diet too late and hoping we can help them.



So, if I’ve just described you, here is some quick and dirty advice on how to get started.

1. It is NOT too late to get started but don’t leave it any later, start NOW.

2. To calculate some starting macro and calorie targets, check out our free macro calculator to get your initial targets.

3. Avoid cardio, supplements and any approach that offers an overnight transformation.

4. Train 3-4 times per week and aim to lift more weight, for more sets or more reps every time you train.

5. Put your effort into being as consistent with this as you can.


A lot of people read things like that ^ and think…

“Mehhh, that’s too simple, that’ll never work”

Trust me, that is ALL you need to make a start in the right direction.

If you’re waiting for the perfect program…that you never stick to, that’s not going to get you anywhere at all.

Start simple and start easy, earn the right to make things more complex.

Speak soon,

If you want our help with this?

Check out the PropaneProtocol 👇

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