Propane’s Picks #1: Week commencing 01/02/2016

I’ll go out on a limb and assume that, aside from PropaneFitness, you read a few other fitness related blogs and sites around the blogosphere.

Don’t worry, we won’t judge you for listening to them….that much.

Anyway, you’ve probably seen the recent trends of “Best articles of the week” type posts. Inspired principally by Jon Goodman and the PTDC (we’ve been featured a few times ourselves), most fitness sites now have their own equivalent.

The thing is, from chatting with Jon, we know what his intention was with the articles.

He wanted to tap into the latest and greatest content from around the web on subjects that he maybe didn’t want to write about himself and then curate that information into a usable format for his readers.

I think you’ll agree…a great idea!

The trouble is, now everyone wants a piece of this action. You see fit-pros tagging other fit-pros who tag other fit-pros to tell them how much they liked their article.

If you’ve been following Yusef and I for any length of time, you’ll likely know that we have a pretty wide range of interests ranging from powerlifting and gymnastics to meditation and wealth management.

We’ve also been known to boast quite the library of books, hours of funny YouTube clips and more DVDs than is healthy for one person to own.

So, we decided to take this recent trend and sprinkle a little Propane on it.

Every one to two weeks, we’ll be posting our favourite PropanePicks from around the webosphere and beyond.

We’ll cover topics such as:

What we’re reading

What we’re watching

Supplements we’re trying out

Habits we’re trying to form

Apps we’re using

Purchases we’re excited about

 We’ll be sure to pick out a selection of fitness articles, videos and content that we’re enjoying.

And much, much more. We’ll likely evolve it with feedback and as the we get more under out belt.

So, without further or do, here is:

PropanePicks #1

Propane Picks image


What we’re watching:

Over the past two weeks, a certain Mr Paul Mort has started an up close and personal TV Show, delicately named Unstoppable Bastards TV.

In these episodes, Paul gives an insight into how he uses habits, daily actions and tools to manage a very successful business while also dealing with Bi-Polar

He’s also pretty F’in funny:

QUITE SIMPLY…IT’S TIME FOR THIS TO HAPPEN**UNSTOPPABLE BASTARDS**Are you ready for this?Many men will not be and I’m guessing they’ll likely be the ones who require it the most.UBTV- Episode #1P.

Posted by Paul Mort on Sunday, 24 January 2016

What we’re reading:

As a result of more recommendations than I can remember, I’m currently reading (and listening to) the 12 Week Year by P. Moran.

The book covers the issues with the New Years Resolution mind-set, how to set goals more effectively and also provides a fairly complete system to use for keeping yourself accountable.

I’ve already started to implement some stuff from this, great read.

You can grab a copy here

What we’re listening to

For the past fortnight, on car journeys or while I’ve been stretching/cooling down, I’ve been trawling through Layne Norton’s podcast backlogs.

There are a LOT of densely packed episodes In here, all have take home action points.

Listen here

Yusef also recently recorded a podcast with Emmet Louis covering the simplest method of improving flexibility for lifters:

Supplements we’re trying out

This is not something that is new for me per say, I’ve probably been using this supplement for over a year now.

For AGES, I struggled to be consistent with supplements like Creatine, Beta-Alanine and Vitamin D. Simply because if I skipped a dosage one day, nothing really happened.

This contains evidence based amounts of all 3 of those, plus Vitamin K and Citrulline Malate.

More importantly, it actually tastes nice.

Here is more info. 

Habit’s we’re trying to form.

I’ve been experimenting with doing “The Work” by Byron Katie each and every morning. In her book, Loving what is, she takes you through a through exercise to question your thoughts and deal with negative emotions.

Disclosure: It took me a LONG time to come round to the idea that something like this is worthwhile and it feels like a complete waste of time to begin with.

Only with repeated application can something like this start to have an affect.

We discussed this in our podcast with Paul Mort and the majority of the information can be found here


Apps we’re using 

Byron Katie recently released a new app to help you complete the work in an easier format. “The Work App” is available in the Itunes Store.


Our favourite articles from around the internet in recent weeks:

Luke Mitchell – Strengtheory
In this 3,400 word saga, Luke covers the benefits of mental imagery and its uses in training:

Leo Babuta – ZenHabits
Leo covers how using pause training and meditation can be the key to improving your productivity

Mark Manson –
Mark cover’s the faults in New Years resolutions and how compounding habits can help to get around the issue of motivational failure. He also suggests a few keystone habits to try.

Mike Samuels – healthylivingheavylifting

An alternative perspective to our guide, Mike covers the downsides of drinking alcohol in a fat-loss phase.


That’s all folks!

That’s all from this week’s PropanePicks! We’ll be back next week with some more picks from around the internet.

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