Propane Roundup – September edition

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Recent episodes

How to improve your sleep and unlock all kinds of gains:

– Do sleep supplements work? Are they safe?
– Unloading your mind before bed
– 13 scoops of unflavoured whey per day and 15 egg omelette
– How to wake up feeling fresh every day
– How much sleep do you need


Interview with ART specialist Tom Feeney:

– What does the evidence actually say about foam rolling?
– What is ART?
– Is posture important for injury prevention?
– How can you prevent injury as a lifter?
– How long do you need to spend on prehab to avoid injury?

Trust no one:

Those who shout loudest in fitness and everywhere else: how to see through the bullshit with online fitness gurus.
When an online nutritionist starts spouting diagnoses on your adrenomedullary function and claiming to have an ‘anti-cancer diet’, you should be asking some questions.

“An expert doesn’t so much argue the various sides of an issue as plant his flag firmly on one side. That’s because an expert whose argument reeks of restraint or nuance often doesn’t get much attention. An expert must be bold if he hopes to alchemize his homespun theory into conventional wisdom. His best chance of doing so is to engage the public’s emotions, for emotion is the enemy of rational argument. And as emotions go, one of them — fear — is more potent than the rest.” – Levitt & Dubner

Bench press, and breaking through plateaus

Should you arch on the bench press?
How do you overcome a training plateau?
Should you do maintenance phases in your diet?


Training vlogs:

Dealing with setbacks has been the running theme for both of us in the last few months, a couple of perspectives:

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