PropanePodcast Episode #27 – The masters athlete: Training for the mature gentleman/lady

This week on the PropaneFitness podcast, we discuss how to adjust your training as a ‘masters athlete’, i.e. what happens as you age, and how that affects your training. HOWEVER, there’s still some useful tidbits of application here even if you’re a spritely young fellow or a wee lass.

“Adjusting training/diet for the mature gentleman/lady”


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Timestamps & Shownotes

0:00 – Jonny’s ‘inner-bro’ dilemma

1:15 – ‘It’s only 300 kilos…’

1:40 – Brett Gibbs dipping people in yoghurt

3:05 – The actual start of the podcast

6:00 – Defining a ‘master’

8:00 – Changes to training volume

11:40 – Adapting frequency, recovery capacity

12:40 – Physiological changes as you get older

14:00 – The ADVANTAGES that the older trainee has over a younger one

14:40 – Christoph Wheresyourbiccy being put to shame by an old Chinese woman grooving 200kg

17:20 – Artificial psychological limitations imposed on older trainees

22:30 – How is fat loss affected by age?

27:00 – How much do the physiological changes actually matter?

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