PropanePodcast #204 – How To Start Your Summer Diet

Eeeee hasn’t this year flown by. 

We’re already at the end of the first bloody quarter of 2019. 

I usually don’t like it when people say things like this (as time is NOT passing quicker than normal). 

But, it does feel like yesterday that it was New Years Day and the start of 2019. 

Apparently, time passes quickly as you age because your life is less varied. 

Same routine. Every day. 

Before you know it, it’s no longer March…it’s July. 

Then it’s October and you’re seeing Xmas adverts. 

And that ambitious goal you set yourself at the start of 2019 never happened. 

Every year I put out what I consider to be a “warning notice”

If you wait until late May to get leaner for your holiday in July – it’ll be too bloody late. 

However, before we know it…it WILL be May and it WILL be too late. 

If you want to drop some weight before the Summer, don’t wait to get started…start today. 

The question is – what should you do? 

If you feel like you’re flapping around, constantly changing goals and swapping to new diet and training plans with little progress to show for it…what do you change and how? 

Here’s a quick and dirty guide of how to start the ball rolling for you Summer fat loss diet. 

1. Set the bar low 

The WORST place to start is assuming that you can drop 1kg per week for the next 12 weeks. 

Let’s be honest – if you’re currently struggling to stay consistent, you probably can’t. 

Rather than setting yourself up for disappointment from day 1 – set a goal you can easily hit. 

Aim to decrease your average weight by 0.2-0.4kg per week for the next month or so and see how you go. 

Weigh yourself every day. 

*YES*, every day. 

Work out the average every 7 days and aim to decrease that number by 0.2-0.4kg every week. 

2. Keep your nutrition simple

Rather than jumping on the latest keto, boom-bod, XTREME fat loss bollocks – just change two things. 

a. Manage HOW MUCH you eat – keep your food choices largely the same. 

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b. Eat more protein. 

Nothing else. 

If you don’t have some calorie targets, use our free calculator here and just focus each day on getting as close to those numbers as possible. 

Don’t cut out carbs. 

Don’t try to eat less sugar. 

Don’t “go Vegan”. 

Still eat whatever you like, just manage the total quantity. 

3. Create a bigger calorie demand. 

I hope if you’re reading this that you already do something by way of exercise in or out of the gym. 

If not, you should be. 

In fact, if not, why on earth are you reading this? 

It doesn’t have to be weights or anything specific, it just has to be consistent and it has to be progressive (do more over time). 

However, on top of this, the easiest way to compliment your fat loss efforts is to increase the steps you take daily. 

I’m a big fan of weekly averages with this stuff. 

The aim, every week, is to hit at least 70,000 steps, the more the better. 

If you aren’t already doing this you’ll notice that hitting that 0.2-0.4kg every week becomes VERY easy. 

That’s it! 

Simple stuff that is VERY effective when you do it consistently. 

Now you’ve got two options. 

1. Take the above advice and do it! Take the risk that you’ll likely experience some days where you likely can’t be bothered and do what you can to keep yourself accountable. 

2. Let us and our community help you smash past your goals. We’ll give you everything you need and hold you accountable along the way. 

The second option sounds much easier doesn’t it! 

And you don’t even have to pay a penny to give it a try. 

Set up your 7-day free account in the PropaneProtocol here:

– Jonny 

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