PropanePicks #3: Week starting 22/2/16

Welcome back to another edition of PropanePicks where we share the best of our bookshelves, youtube favourites, habit changes and more.

PropanePicks #3, w/c 2.02.16
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What we’re reading:

Robert Moore: The King Within –
I’m (Yusef) currently listening to this one on audiobook – I’ve been trying to get a handle on Jungian psychology for a while now, and it still feels like a maze.  Moore runs through an elaboration of Jung’s archetypes using historical King symbolism with analysis and commentary. Through these icons, Moore explores the masculine and feminine essence in every human, male or female, and the importance of acknowledging, embracing and integrating these archetypes into your conscious behaviour to function your best in your family and professional life.

The style is a little too erudite for my feeble mind, but here’s a summary to pique your interest if you’re into that stuff.

Squats, hormones and growth

Lyle Mcdonald addresses the commonly thrown about claims about the systemic anabolic hormone response from doing squats. He puts it to bed in classic Lyle fashion:

What we’re watching:

Wim Hof breathing:
This is a guy that has gained immense control over his vascular system, to the point of being able to withstand cold temperatures for long periods. He puts it down to… a breathing technique:

Here’s the how-to.

Habits we’re building:

Rectus femoris partner stretch:
With my recent gymnastics-focused training block, I’m spending more time stretching. The rectus femoris gets infamously tight, especially if you’re squatting a lot. Kit Laughlin has a stretch to make you groan and pull all kinds of faces with a partner

What we’re listening to:

Sakyong Mipham Rinponche is a Tibetan monk who has spent some time in the West, reconciling the two models seamlessly. Here he demystifies meditation – and points out that whether or not you have a ‘sitting practice’ you’re already meditating, whether you like it or not:

Finally.. I miss Scotland:

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