PropanePicks #2: week commencing 08/02/16

Welcome back to another edition of PropanePicks where we share the best of our bookshelves, youtube favourites, habit changes and more.

If you’d like to make some recommendations for articles, books or media, please drop us an email at with your suggestions, we’ll be more than happy to give them a test-drive.

Without further ado, here is PropanePicks #2, w/c 08.02.16

PropanePicks #2

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What we’re watching:

Who we are when we’re not addicted, a fantastic look at the human mind and how we think

What we’re reading:

Backbend to bridge

Emmet Louis –

When you deadlift, squat, clean, or pretty much any lift, your back is in stiff extension. Your spine is designed to move through a full range of motion – by getting stronger in only one angle or position, you’re weaker in others. Particularly for lifters, this can predispose you to injury .

Read here

What ya training for bro?

Marc Keys – Cast Iron Strength 

an injection of reality from CastIronStrength, a simple reminder of the common mistake of not being able to justify every aspect of their training program

Read here

How to be positive

Rog Law – 

A great guide on how to improve your levels of positivity, as soon as he mention the 5minutejournal, I knew this was going to be a good’un.

Read here

How to make your own meal plan

Steve Hall – Revive stronger

We chatted with Steve on our podcast this week and discussed how to improve dietary adherence. Steve discussed meal plans at length and his slightly unconventional way of using them. This article provided a great summary.

Read here

Control your environment

Tanner Baze – RomanFitnessSystems 

Tanner discusses the impact our environment has on us and how you can manage things to stack the deck in your favour.

Read here


What we’re listening to: 

Dave Tate drop some wisdom bombs with the guys from Barbell Shrugged. Their podcast is absolutely brimming with information, well worth a subscribe:

Dave is the CEO and founder of Elite Jonny recently wrote an article for them:


Supplements we’re trying out:

I’ve been trying to improve the nutrient density of my calorie intake without affecting calories too much. Because I’m in a calorie deficit, I’ve found it a struggle to consistently get enough fruits and vegetables in.

MyProtein’s Total Nutri-Greens is probably the best tasting greens powder I’ve come across and at only 7g carbs, it provides a decent punch of micro-nutrition.

You can pick some up here

Habit’s we’re trying to form

I’ve recently really stepped up my meditation game, averaging 30 minutes per day as soon as I wake up.

This has marked the first time that I’ve ever been consistent with meditation, enclosing in on a 14 day streak without fail at the end of this week.

All with the help of this little gadget. 

That’s all folks!

That’s all from this week’s PropanePicks! We’ll be back next week with some more picks from around the internet.

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