Propane Podcast Episode 54

In this episode Jonny and Yusef are joined by Marc Keys of Cast Iron Strength and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Edinburgh Rugby. Marc hails from Limavady in County Derry where he began his sporting career playing rugby for Limavady Grammar and sprinting 100m and 200m at national level. 

He studied at the University of Central Lancashire (2004-07), where he played rugby for the Preston Grasshoppers, and also took up rugby league. He then moved to The University of Edinburgh to study for a postgraduate degree in strength and conditioning.

As a competitive power lifter, he collected a number of accolades including (2011) British and Commonwealth Senior Champion and (2012) World Championship squad member for Great Britain, and is a former holder of three British records. Marc worked as a strength and conditioning coach with the Scottish Institute of Sport for six years prior to joining Edinburgh Rugby.

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Show Notes and Timestamps

00:35           Introducing Marc Keys.
06:10The role of the Strength and Conditioning Coach in sport.
09:20The challenges faced by the S&C Coach in Rugby.
15:41How to make meaningful progress without excessive spine loading.
20:48Creating a positive hormonal environment.
26:03Why strength increases aren’t everything in the context of rugby.
28:28How to programme annually for powerlifting.
35:45How not to look like a child in a t shirt.
43:11Pains in the ass and glute recruitment.
45:15Segue into Powerlifting and discussion of Jonny’s height issues.
50:57The significance of weight in powerlifting.
56:49Wrap-Up and references.


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