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Propane Podcast Episode 50 – How we approach dieting

Episode 50 Show Notes

In which Jonny and Yusef discuss Maoam sours, YOLO Macro days, the mental release of not tracking and their approach to dieting.  If you like the Propane Podcast, we’d love it if you subscribed and gave us a review on iTunes

Time Stamps and References


00:00          Sour sweets – right or just plain wrong? A sweet and sour preamble.
03:49Today’s hot topic – how we approach dieting
05:58“Off Season” clarified
09:57Eating untracked versus YOLO eating
13:48How to introduce untracked days into your eating
18:30The mental release of lean gaining and untracked eating
20:31 Cutting or gaining? – make sure you have a legitimate reason





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