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Pre-workout PowerMuffins: Guest post from PaulNotSmall

Pre-workout supplements fall into one of two categories:

– Overpriced sugar and caffeine with a violent name (e.g. Purple Psycho.. Hemo-rage.. Shotgun.. Assault… Core Fury.. Hot Blood.. Grenade.. Maniac.. Vengeance.. The Curse)*
– A soon-to-be-banned methamphetamine analogue that will make you fail a drug-test.

Wouldn’t you rather just eat a muffin?

Paul Turner, bona fide Doctor of Muffinology has the cure. Subscribe to his blog for macro-friendly recipes that are super easy to make.

“Well it’s been in development in the PaulNotSmall Laboratory for some time but I am finally ready to unveil the very cutting edge of Performance Enhancing Muffinology…

The PropaneFitness Preworkout PowerMuffin!


A tasty and convenient source of protein & carbs with an added caffeine boost and some psyllium for fibre to help firm up your stools (Just for Yusef!)

Here’s how it’s done…


• 2 whole eggs
• 100g oats
• 60g TheProteinWorks Vanilla Creme Whey Protein 80
• 2 tsp TheProteinWorks Psyllium husks
• 1 tsp baking powder
• 300ml very strong hot sweetened coffee*

*I used 4 shots of espresso made with an Aeropress and then topped up to 300ml with boiling water and sweetened with 6tsp Splenda but you could just as easily use strong french press or filter coffee – use instant and (1) They will explode in the microwave & (2) I will hunt you down you philistine!
FYI if you love coffee then get an Aeropress – makes espresso in a fraction of the time that also tastes better and you can get one for about £25 on Amazon.


– Combine all  ingredients and whisk.

– Pour into suitably sized cups I used 4 small cappuccino cups lightly sprayed with one-cal olive oil spray (or similar) stopping about 1cm from the rim (always advisable) as these babies GROW


Microwave on high for 5 minutes


Admire how pretty they are for a few seconds before attacking with vigour!

Approximate macros for entire batch:
• 75g Protein
• 76g Carbohydrate
• 24g Fat
• 20g Fibre

+320mg caffeine

Approximate macros per muffin:
• 19g Protein
• 19g Carbohydrate
• 6g Fat
• 5g Fibre

+ 80mg caffeine

Remember – all recipes are scalable and adaptable – I used Vanilla whey for this batch but you could just as easily use chocolate and make mocha muffins – my next batch will probably be with TPW’s Caramel Macchiato flavour whey.

Also if making them into muffins is too much hassle just microwave the whole lot in a bowl – just reduce the cooking time considerably – probably just 2 or 3 minutes.

For more recipes and exclusive discount codes for the ingredients above, including the frighteningly vast array of TheProteinWorks flavours, subscribe to PaulNotSmall’s blog.

*NB: We have not tried any of the named preworkout products, merely our cynical opinion to make the muffins look super cool by comparison. Our claim is a false generalisation made only in jest, and we cannot comment on the efficacy of commercial preworkout products!

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