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More From Kiefer – Carb Backloading

More from Kiefer, just a conversation we had after our interview.

00:45  So-called facts.  (does caffeine shut off mTOR?!)

02:30  “So I know a guy who eats 6 meals a day and breakfast and he’s a natural bodybuilder…”  (There are mutants among us!)

“…’Oh, well, I know this guy who does this.’ Well good for you. It’s not me and it’s not you, because if it was you, you wouldn’t be talking to me about how you could look like that.” –Kiefer

4:50  Kiefer ruins ADF for everyone. (And how to fix it.)

“But at 24 hours… your body’s more than happy to start destroying muscle tissue.” –Kiefer on [zero-calorie] fasting.

“I’m all about self-experimentation, just not always on ME.” –Kiefer

06:30  Monophasic insulin spike from Leucine something to be concerned about with IF?


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There is always an explanation to the rule. It is funny how people always use them as examples. Love your response to people saying what about this guy or that guy.

Question on the back loading part…

On Monday night I went to a gig and had a couple of beers, local real ale to be precise. Had done a short session at the gym before I went followed by post workout shake and tea. Can a couple of beers, like this constitute to CBL process? (I’m thinking there must be plenty of carbs in beer) Or is the rather overwhelming fact that the drink still has alcohol detrimental to the process?

…Not that I love real ale or anything…

I don’t think the beer would be beneficial for CBL, or indeed any post-workout nutrition. However, I don’t think it is particularly detrimental either. There is a small amount of simple sugars in beer, like maltose, but not enough to contribute significantly to CBL. Ale is lower in carbs than regular beer I think.

I don’t think moderate alcohol consumption is anything to be concerned about, unless it’s right after training, which would be silly anyway!

Hello Guys,

so, as far as i got it, Kiefer suggets to take Leucine after 14/16hours to stop the muscle breakdown-component that fasting has after this hour mark, right?

But on the other hand, he is against it, because of the Hypoglycemia that could take place with leucine supplementation (becuase Leucine does raise Insulin and thus blood-sugar?)

Please give me a statement for that


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