Lose Fat Tip of the Week Training

HIIT is like listening to a crap song.

We’re making Dave do a 4 minute short bout of intense cardio at the end of ┬áhis workouts.

He’s not very good at sticking to it.

He said to me: ‘Yusef, I feel bad when I miss out the cardio at the end of my workout. Its the easiest, nicest way to lose fat compared to 40 minutes on the bike. Its only three and a half minutes of suffering. That’s like listening to a crap song. ‘

Bottom line: If you hate cardio, and want to get an effective bout out of the way, HIIT is an efficient way to cram it in. The Tabata Protocol is a simple, brief and effective favourite, and can be done with any full body exercise (e.g. burpees, rowing, swimming, sprints, thrusters, cycling etc.)

4 minutes total time
– 20 seconds max effort
– 10 second rest
– Repeat until 4 minutes is over.


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