Lessons From The Doctor Who Went To Prison

…the absence of usually ever-present feelings of missing out on life, the crux upon which a prison sentence exerts its punishment. It did feel somewhat like the rest of the country had sunk to our level of existence, just with the trappings of Netflix and Deliveroo.  My former colleagues in the NHS being lauded as heroes, whilst I sat in prison a villain.

This week we have something a little different. I chat to Dr Tim Kerr with a fascinating story, drawing wisdom from prison life into modern living.

Tim has documented his incredible insights in his blog, which I would highly recommend checking out.

We cover:

  • His story, including how he was arrested while on shift at the hospital
  • Radical honesty and openness
  • Making peace with your skeletons
  • What gyms are like in prison
  • Living a monastic lifestyle in prison
  • Writing as therapy
  • Lessons from living in prison that apply to modern life
  • Plans for Tim’s future
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