Topics covered:

0.49 – Carb backloading and fasting. Approach to diet.

7.31 –¬†Daily Undulating Periodisation and John Broz style training, overreaching and overtraining.

15.49 –¬†Myoreps and occlusion training.

20.19 – Sources of motivation.

24.49 – Lasting achievements.

28.36 – Fitness industry gurus.


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15 replies on “Interview with Layne Norton”

*doube post lulz*

‘For the love of all that is good, do not change things when you’re making progress.’ – Ben

I like the observations of ADF and how slowly the rationalisation mechanism kicks in. Certainly gives that BBC Horizon show on fasting a slant that it missed.

Craggsy said:
Awesome work Ben, always appreciate the opinion of someone big in the game to re-affirm what we are doing and throw a few thought turkeys into the mix. Solid guy, respect.


Hi guys…can’t get the interview to work. 404 error message.
Any chance of a link that works, or the transcript of the interview?
Just discovered your site and love it :)

Hi Pete – glad you enjoy the site :). We’ll upload this interview to youtube as soon as we can, as soundcloud is giving us some grief.

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