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Interview with JC from JCDfitness

Hi, Could you introduce yourself?

My name is JC Deen and I currently live in Nashville, Tennessee.  I’ve been writing for the fitness world going on 2+ years now and I currently work as a fitness professional as well as a freelance front-end web designer (odd, geeky mix, I know).


What is your training approach?

My training approach is based primarily around strength work – most notably using the reverse pyramid techniques.  I’m a firm believer in utilizing brief, efficient workouts to accomplish one’s fitness and aesthetic goals as opposed to the typical high-volume work you’ve probably seen elsewhere.


What is your diet approach?

My approach to a sound diet is very simple.  My focus is as follows:

1. Hit protein requirements

2. Consume adequate vitamins, minerals and EFA’s

3. Eat a few pieces of fruit and a few helpings of vegetables per day to cover your nutritional bases

4. Hit macronutrient goals as laid out

5. Eat something you enjoy 3-4 times per week (as long as it’s controlled and in moderation).


Aside from writing over at what does a typical day for you look like?

I generally wake up anywhere from 5-8 a.m. depending on how late I was up the night before.  I always start my morning with a bit of cream and sugar housed inside a big cup of coffee.  From then, it usually consists of working on guest articles, web/graphic design projects, personal fitness client programming, or light reading/research.

About lunch time, I will finally eat something (12-1p.m.) and then head to the gym for my training.  Upon my return, I have a rather large feast and get back to my work for a few more hours. My evenings are usually spent away from work either out with friends/family or spending time with the girl. Before the night closes, I usually have dinner consisting of some type of animal, catch up on emails and retire to do it all again the next day.  I love it.


What is the worst thing you see people doing? Keep it fitness related

I There are so, so many.  However, one thing I really wish I could change is how frequent people jump from one goal to the next.  It seems that so many never achieve their goals because they can never decide what they want.  One week they are training for raw strength.  The next they’ve swapped out their 5×5 for P90X because they want to get shredded.  Then after they get bored with that, they’re on a 10×10 bodybuilding program.  If you fast forward a year, they will look exactly the same with a ton of frustration.  hating their lack of progress.


What mistakes have you learnt from?

I’ve made a ton of dumb mistakes in my time.  I’d say the biggest mistake I’ve made is treating myself as an “exception” to the fitness rules when it came to writing my own programming.  For some odd reason, when we write our own protocols, we somehow feel we can handle more volume, maintain a steeper deficit, or withstand a ton of extra activity.  I’ve learned the hard way that I should either treat myself as a personal client, or hand over my programming needs to another professional.


What have you learned from training that you apply to your lifestyle?

To me, training is more of a stress release and chance to compete with myself than anything else.  I’ve learned while training, just as everything else in life, is sometimes fairly predictable, we’re never fully in control.  Sometimes we go into the gym and our CNS isn’t fully recovered as we thought it was.  Sometimes a movement just doesn’t feel right, and other times we injure ourselves.

Thusly, you must be prepared to roll with the punches and take what’s thrown at you.  I like to let the chips fall where they may.  It’s the same way I look at my lifestyle.  No day is ever perfect.  There’s nothing we can do to change that.  We can, however, choose to live in the moment, take advantage of what’s in front of us and keep moving forward.  We must keep evolving.

You wrote a series of articles on the death of “clean eating”, can someone stay lean while using ice-cream and pizza as their carb and fat sources?!

They sure can.  Are they going to be hungry most of the time?  Probably if their entire intake consists primarily of this stuff.  I’d never, ever recommend a diet full of junk food as it’s impractical and lacking in micronutrients.  However, I do encourage folks to incorporate certain “forbidden” foods into their diet if they like it and can manage to keep it in line with their goals.


What is your number one piece of advice for someone just starting out?

Be very careful of what fitness information you read.  Check sources and find out who the author is affiliated with.  It’s very easy to be led astray, down a rabbit hole full of false information that will not serve you.  Always ask questions.  Always be open to learning.  Always be open to eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (unless you have a peanut allergy – that would be bad).


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