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Interview with Amer ‘The Hammer’ Kamra

Hi, Amer, could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?


Amer ‘The Hammer’ Kamra






6 feet

Years Training:

10 for sports and 6 for fitness modeling

Contest Weight:


Off Season Weight:


What motivated you to start training? And what drives you to compete?

I have always been active in some shape or form since a child. At a young age I earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do, then for many years I played football up until my late teens. I had been lifting since about the age of 15, but for sports and not for aesthetics. At the age of about 19 or so I began to compete as a fitness model, as I am constantly looking to challenge myself and body.

What do you feel are your main strengths/weaknesses (in terms of your physique and your personality)?

Some strengths in my physique are my abs and core. I have worked very hard over the past several years to make them a strong point in my physique. A weakness in my physique is my hamstrings. Hamstrings are definitely a harder body part to grow, but they seem to be coming up.


Strengths in my personality are that I am giving and love to help others. At the same time, your biggest strength can also be your weakness, as people will try to take advantage of a person who is giving and caring.

What does your training look like at the moment?

Monday: Circuit Training/Shoulders

(15 minute upper body circuit)
– 20 Plyo Pushups
– 15 Dips
– 10 Pull-ups
– 12 Leg Raises

(Repeat 5 times)


– Standing Military Press x 5 sets
– Seated Arnold Presses x 4 sets
– Front Barbell Raises x 4 sets
– Side Lateral Raises x 6 sets


Tuesday: Legs

– 100 Jump Squats
– Leg Extensions x 2 sets of 50 reps
– Barbell Squats x 6 sets
– Step Ups x 4 sets each leg
– 1 Legged Squats x 3 sets each leg
– Leg Extensions x 4 sets burnout


Wednesday: Back and Calves

– 200 Pull-ups
– T-Bar Rows x 6 sets last 2 are drop sets
– Clean Pulls x 4 sets
– Deadlifts 135lbs for 40 reps x 3 sets
– Single Arm Dumbbell Rows x 4 sets
– Toe Press x 3 sets
– Standing Calf Raise x 100 reps each calf
– Calf Jump Stretch x 100 reps


Thursday: Cardio

– Boxing for 60 minutes
– Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 60 minutes


Friday: Arms

– Barbell Bicep Curls x 5 sets
– Bent Over Barbell Curls x 2 sets
– 100 Chin Ups
– Hammer Curls x 3 sets
– Tricep Pushups x 200
– Cable Pushdown (over hand grip) x 3 sets
– Cable Pushdown (under hand grip) x 3 sets
– Tricep Kickbacks x 4 sets


Saturday: Chest

– 200 Wide Incline Pushups
– Dumbbell Flies
– Barbell Press (flat) x 4 sets
– Dumbbell Decline Press x 4 sets
– Cable Flies x 3 sets (high pulley)
– Cable Flies x 3 sets (low pulley)


Sunday: Cardio

– Tae Kwon Do for 60 minutes
– Wrestling for 60 minutes

What about your diet?

Meal 1

– 4 egg whites

– 3 whole omega 3 eggs

– Oats with cinnamon

– (Fish oil, glutamine)


Meal 2 (post workout)

– Whey protein with egg whites

– High glycemic fruit with a moderate glycemic carb

– Leafy green salad

– (Creatine, glutamine)


Meal 3

– Turkey, chicken, fish, or beef

– Leafy green salad with asparagus

– Sweet potato or brown rice

– Udos Oil 3-6-9


Meal 4

– Whey protein

– Raw greens juice (that I make in the juicer)

– Rice cakes

– 1 tbsp. almond butter


Meal 5

– White fish

– Leafy green salad with asparagus

When you feel you aren’t making progress, how do you make adjustments? Do you have any rules that you follow for when fat loss stalls, or you aren’t gaining muscle?

When I feel I am not progressing, I take a minute to assess what I am doing and my goals. I analyze my goal, and I ask myself “am I doing everything I can to achieve my goal?” If the answer is no, I make changes based on that. Usually if you are doing everything possible and turning over every stone possible, you will progress and not hit a plateau. We usually hit a plateau because we half ass or don’t put in all our effort into what we are doing.


A tip I would give to anybody looking to build muscle is to progressively overload the muscle. Always try to get stronger while maintaining good clean form in your lifts. Aim to increase the weight you lift, or the amount of reps you do with that weight on a biweekly basis.

Describe the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your life so far, and how you overcame it.

The biggest challenge for me to getting in shape is definitely diet. I think food in general can be compared to a drug, or even worse. I say even worse because we never look at food as something bad, but it has the same characteristics. And we can even become addicted. I still struggle with nutrition, but I have learned over the years that having a balance is key. Never deprive yourself of one thing or another because you will relapse and end up binging.

If a beginner asked you how to train for aesthetics, or to achieve a fitness model physique, what general advice would you give them?

My three pieces of advice:


Consistency: Always stay consistent, even if you don’t see visible changes after a week or two do not throw in the towel! It takes time to see changes and if every time you don’t see them and you give up how the hell will you ever achieve the body you want?


Intensity: I often see too many people train with a lack of intensity. Go to the gym and make every set, every rep, and every exercise count. Don’t just go through the motions, make sure you really bust your butt and walk out of the gym knowing that you couldn’t have done anymore then you did!


Balance: It took me many years of being in this industry to realize the key is balance. Don’t just be a gym rat and abandon everything in life especially those things that really matter. Find the balance of spending time with those that you love, working out, eating clean, resting but make sure to put 100% effort in to everything that you do. If it is family day, put 100% effort into the day. If it is time to workout, put 100% effort into the gym!

Do you have any inspirational people in your life?

My mom! She is a very hard worker and I get a lot of inspiration from that, or anybody who works hard in life towards their goals whatever they may be.

What do you like to do in your spare time, outside of training and competing?

I love to read; there is no better feeling then learning something new. I am also big on spending time with family, travelling, and MMA. I do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, and pretty much anything that keeps my heart rate going.

How can our readers find out more about you?





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