How to Maximise Productivity on Your Mac

The best thing you can do for yourself today?

Get rid of your stupid-ass PC. Buy a macbook.

If you’re a lifelong PC user you have NO IDEA how much it slows your output. Don’t let the applesnobs put you off. You’ll make a 100% ROI in productivity within a week.

I’ve made a series of videos on how to maximise your productivity on your mac, from Alfred to Pomodoro timers, Chrome extensions and shortcuts.

The ROI on your time will be absolutely huge if you set some time aside to get these in place:

For more on this stuff, check the Productivity category, and if you’re an online coach or personal trainer, subscribe to Propane-Business for more business-focused productivity hacks.

2 replies on “How to Maximise Productivity on Your Mac”

Thanks! That was very helpful!
Will you publish the next parts? (productivity apps & browser extensions)
Keep up the good content

Thanks George – next one is on its way over the next few weeks!

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