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Propane Podcast 133

In the next in our series of Instagram linked podcasts, Jonny and Yusef discuss what women THINK they should do to lose fat, versus what the SHOULD do; relieved by the fact that this infographic was posted by an actual woman who follows the right advice.

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Walk into any commercial gym & you can clearly see that the gender divide when it comes to fitness, and specifically to fat loss, sadly prevails. We have coached hundreds of women who seek our help with fat loss and they often arrive at Propane HQ with a poor relationship with food, eating too little protein and doing way too much cardio. Ladies, step away from that treadmill! The diet industry prays on your insecurities and perpetuates lots of myths, like carbs are bad & that some foods are inherently dirty. (Get in the sea with your clean eating says Coach Jo). . . . . . . . . #fatloss #fitness #fitnessmotivation #education #educateyourself #carbs #flexibledieting #truth #fitnessgirl #weightlossjourney #mindset #weighttraining #weights #strength #transformation #infographic

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