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Why OESTROGEN is killing your gains: Interview with Dr Anthony Jay

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This week, we spoke to Dr Anthony Jay, Biochemist, researcher and author of Estrogeneration. Do not miss this one, dude is a boss.

As you may have heard from some previous episodes, Jonny and I are in the midst of doing some self-experiments. After reading some of Dr Jay’s work, I ran a male hormone panel on myself using Medichecks (use code PROPANE10 for 10% off). The goal is to see whether minimising my exposure to environmental oestrogens has an effect on my blood levels of testosterone. I’ll release a more detailed article on this next month, including the specific changes that Dr Jay advised me. Stay tuned.

Interestingly, the test DID reveal that my testosterone levels are below the normal range: a result that we explore in more depth on the podcast. 

As you know, our motto is very much “Simple rules, dramatic results“, and up until now, I believed that worrying about hormonal optimisation was getting caught in the weeds, obsessing over minutiae. That was until I heard what Dr Jay had to say, and until I got such a low testosterone measurement at my age. Prepare to put your tin foil hat firmly on, because the impact of environmental oestrogens is no joke – the sheer DOSES that we’re exposed to based on his research, in addition to the epigenetic impact are collossal, and have huge public health implications in terms of cancer, obesity, fertility and even allergies. 

Listen below to find out more.

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