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Do trans athletes have an advantage in sport? ⚧️ Doctor & Transgender Weightlifter Explain

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This was a bit of a sensitive topic: We’re fortunate to have the opinion of a transgender friend of mine to discuss his experience on testosterone, and thoughts on fairness in men & women’s sport.

I may have misstepped in some of these comments: My goal is not to offend, but to outline the positions on both sides of the argument: the right for cisgender women to compete in a competitive sporting environment that is protected from male advantage, as well as the right to inclusion of transgender athletes. I’m keen to hear your thoughts below:

0:00 – Intro & Warning
2:50 – The gender performance gap –
6:50 – Role of hormones
8:40 – Rules: Transgender sport
9:20 – HRT/TRT & performance
15:10 – Effects of transitioning:
16:00 Is it fair?