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Creatine – What, How, Why and When

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We get a lot of questions about creatine, so here I’ve synthesised all of the relevant research that I’m aware of into a series of videos answering the most common questions.

Here we summarise the WHAT, HOW, WHY, WHEN and WHO for creatine for those with a longer attention span keener interest in creatine.

If you missed my last one on caffeine, view it here.

What is creatine? Is it a steroid?

Who should take creatine?

 Who SHOULDN’T take creatine?

How does it work?

What does Creatine Do?

What are the side effects? Does it cause hair loss?

When is the best time to take it? Should you load and cycle it?

What TYPE of Creatine should you take?

Wrap up, recommendations, and how to avoid the side effects:

NB: Some questions in the comments below about whether you should take it every day: Yes: Every day.

Recommendations: Myprotein is the company we use, specifically creapure. 

For a more recent update on creatine, check our man Herculean Strength’s fantastic summary of even more reasons to take it.

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You should do videos on your favorite stretches to target certain body parts.

Reckon that would get decent traffic. :p (and an excuse to see yusef stretch…)

I imagine you’d like to see that demonstration naked too? Just so you can be fully.. clear on how to do it. Don’t think I know what you’re up to Bod..

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