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How I managed to defeat a coffee addiction


Quantify your crux: defeat your coffee monster
I’ve traced it back to my GCSEs, that was when it started. For the first time, I had to sit and maintain my focus for extended periods of time, cramming the content of 10 subjects into my head and pouring it onto paper over 2 weeks. It was then that I first tried it,  I’d often found the smell alluring but never cared for the taste, now my brain needed the help and I caved to social pressure….I sipped my first coffee.

Since then, coffee has been a mainstay, the cornerstone of my mornings and my safety net when life ups its demands, A-levels, uni and the first year of my job, memories all accompanied by the scent of brewing coffee.

My name’s Jonny and I’m a caffiene addict.

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A more recent memory: chugging my 8th espresso before an evening gym session, I wearily reached for the coffee cup, eyelids twitching, downed the shot and waited for my pulse to raise, to regain some semblence of energy, nothing happened, no response. It took this for me to realise that this had got out of hand, I dedided to take action and over the past month I’ve been getting this under control, here’s how:

Step 1) How many coffees/red bulls/diet cokes etc do you drink?
Take that number and drop 1-2 from it (2 if you’re having 5 or more) -> Drink this many coffees per day at most for one week (I was drinking roughly 6 per day so dropped to 4). 

Step 2) Drop one from this number, rotating it for a decaf, hold for a week (3 normal coffees, 1 de-caf)

Step 3) Repeat, 2 normal/2 decaf

Step 4) Finally, 1 normal/3 decaf

You can obviously extend this to zero coffees per day but this is not only quite unpleasant (if you’re used to a morning brew) and also pretty unneccesary – coffee is laden with health benefits – include it but keep control of it.

I’ve found this to be the best way to take control of any controlling habits. So, give it a try and let us know how it works of you

My current schedule (roughly speaking)
Training days: I savour a morning coffee (I use an aero-press and organic coffee beans) I have 1 before work with breakfast. Then pre-workout, I’ll have 1 more.

On rest days, I’ll keep my usual morning coffee and then have decaf for the rest of the day if I fancy something warm.

This transition would have been impossible to jump to straight away but over 1 month I’ve reduced from 6 per day to one per day.


In other news…

Here’s Yusef trying hit his macros:


and here’s Jonny’s latest video log:







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