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Client Testimonial: Brandon

Note: The below article is by Ben Tormey – we recommend subscribing to his website here, where he also offers affordable coaching.

Here’s what Brandon had to say about his consultation:

I had a deadline to lose as much fat as possible in a 6 week time frame for a vacation. I’d been reading the material from the guys at Propane for some time and had just recently listened to a podcast with all 3 of the guys describing their philosophy on diet and training. I decided right then that I wanted to work with these guys.


I’ve been training for years and generally I know what I’m doing when it comes to diet – I can tell others what to do and get them great results but when it comes to myself, I often second guess things and over analyze the process so much that I end up spinning my wheels.


Having Ben design my program took my emotions out of the process and just let me focus on following through with the designated plan. He was extremely quick to get my plan created (not some generic B.S. template designed to quickly send out to random clients) and really opened my eyes to some new ways of approaching a fat loss diet. Ben was always quick to answer any of my silly questions and go in to detail on certain subjects when I needed a better understanding of why things were set up the way they were.


I absolutely loved the process and feel like I got extremely great results in a relatively short period of time. I leaned out significantly, dropping 9 lbs of fat and not losing an ounce of strength in the process. Most of all, I feel like I really learned about some valuable fat loss techniques that I can continue to use in the future. Ben is an intelligent dude and he walks the walk by having a sick physique, but he’s also super humble and he actually cared about getting me my results, this is not something to be overlooked when choosing someone to work with! I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out and I will forever be a follower and fan of Ben and the other guys at Propane. Do yourself a favor and make an investment in yourself by working with the guys at PropaneFitness!

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