Your personalised macro calculator

Your personalised macro calculator 📲️

We will calculate your personalised calorie and macronutrient targets below for Fat Loss or Muscle gain:


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7 replies on “Your personalised macro calculator”

Peter if you’re not sure whether to ‘bulk or cut’,
the answer is CUT.

Get lean enough so that your bodyfat is NOT a concern.

Then you won’t fight with yourself every step of the way, the little devil on your shoulder telling you that you’d rather be a little leaner.

Otherwise we end up holding back on calories while overdoing the cardio, but still trying to eat for muscle gain.

Diffused focus in “half-dieting” is far worse than dieting.

Not only that, but gaining muscle becomes increasingly inefficient the more bodyfat you have.

Nutrient partitioning is best when you’re lean.

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