Ben Ford: Lessons from an Ex-Marine turned programmer

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Ben helps founders apply operational principles from the Royal Marines and 10 years in tech leadership to evolve world-beating tech teams. He uses a systems approach, with more breadth than dogmatic agile consulting, and deep technical experience that’s missing in business coaching.

We discuss:

  • The synergy from two worlds: being a marine and software development.
  • Developing situational awareness
  • How to avoid getting shot
  • What Ben sees most people lacking
  • A set of mental models
  • OODA
  • How to move from system 2 to system 1
  • Having some spare capacity
  • Pre-brief + debrief
  • Openness, being blameless, and inviting challenge
  • Red team thinking
  • Having a framework, drilling it first and then throwing chaos at it using the same framework to react

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