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Are You Winning? How Do You Know?

We talk a lot about getting clear on the FACTS within your fitness journey.

What is my weight this week, how is it changing over time?

What is my strength like, is it increasing?

What is my recovery like, is it sufficient?

The thing is, getting clear on the facts is one thing.

Anyone can write stuff down or look at numbers on a screen.

Where is gets REALLY tough is admitting how it actually makes you FEEL.

My weight is increasing and that reall

y PISSES me off, I’m angry about this and motivated to make a lasting change.

My strength is stalling and this makes me frustrated at all the wasted time and energy in training. I need to try something different.

Without sounding to “out there” and “woo-woo”, where numbers REALLY hold value is in allowing you to access the raw emotion that sits underneath.

Not on track ==>> PISSED OFF ==>> motivated to do SOMETHING regardless of circumstances.

I’d back someone driven by anger, fear and frustration to succeed on their journey far more than someone who lacks any emotional connection to what they’re doing.

Of course, this doesn’t have to just be negativity.

We can be equally fuelled by positive emotions.

Making massive progress ==>> ECSTATIC, feelings of unstoppable power ==>> Motivated to continue and succeed beyond what you thought was possible before.

This is just as powerful.

The lesson is this:

Numbers matter more than you may think.

It’s not just for the data heads to sit and marvel at the % drop in bodyweight each week.

Laying bare the actual facts about what is actually going, not just what you THINK or FEEL is going on can be incredibly enlightening and shine a light in some very painful places.

However, the REAL power comes from accessing the emotional drive that surfaces as a result of this realisation and harnessing this to move you forward.

Want to take the first step in moving towards a place of progress and get super clear on your reality?

Go here and we’ll show you how:

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