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We are Jonny & Yusef, the guys behind PropaneFitness. Since 2008, we’ve been helping you to get leaner and sexier as efficiently as possible. We are an accountant & doctor turned world class powerlifter & gymnast.

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Our Training

We’ve made a ridiculous number of mistakes, and fallen for all kinds of industry bullshit over the years. In fact, that’s why we first started PropaneFitness – to save you the hassle. competed at national level 7 times between us and in both the European and World Championships in the IPF. We’ve both totalled over 400 wilks, raw (and kept our abs while we’re at it :)

Key stats and our training video logs below.


Jonny at IPF worlds
Jonny at IPF World championships

See our training vlogs here

To date my best lifts are (at a bodyweight of 91kg)

Bench Press: 165kg
Squat: 250kg
Deadlift: 317kg


Jonny dieted from over 98kg to 87kg, while adding 70kg to his powerlifting total.



Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 21.41.33deadliftpic
Yusef at British Nationals

PB Lifts at a bodyweight of 78kg:
Dip: BW + 72kg
90kg Snatch
240kg deadlift
150kg bench
120kg clean
200kg squat.

Dieting to single digit bodyfat isn’t complicated. Here are some of the lessons learned.



Hello! I’m Alice, and I’m the Social Media Outreach Co-Ordinator at Propane Fitness.
My main job actually isn’t in fitness! I’m a PhD Researcher in Earth Sciences, and my work investigates the impacts of large volcanic eruptions on the Earth’s climate and environment over the past 2 million years 🌋
Alongside my academic work I’ve been training for 6 years, and my training style is a combination of strength, bodybuilding and CrossFit.
Finally, I’m also been a freelance pencil artist (IG: @apainepencilart) ✏️

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