We are Jonny & Yusef, the guys behind PropaneFitness. Since 2008, we’ve been helping you to get leaner and sexier as efficiently as possible. We are an accountant & doctor turned world class powerlifter & gymnast.

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Our Training

We’ve made a ridiculous number of mistakes, and fallen for all kinds of industry bullshit over the years. In fact, that’s why we first started PropaneFitness – to save you the hassle. competed at national level 7 times between us and in both the European and World Championships in the IPF. We’ve both totalled over 400 wilks, raw (and kept our abs while we’re at it :)

Key stats and our training video logs below.


Jonny at IPF worlds
Jonny at IPF World championships

See our training vlogs here

To date my best lifts are (at a bodyweight of 91kg)

Bench Press: 165kg
Squat: 250kg
Deadlift: 317kg


Jonny dieted from over 98kg to 87kg, while adding 70kg to his powerlifting total.



Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 21.41.33deadliftpic
Yusef at British Nationals

PB Lifts at a bodyweight of 78kg:
Dip: BW + 72kg
90kg Snatch
240kg deadlift
150kg bench
120kg clean
200kg squat.

Dieting to single digit bodyfat isn’t complicated. Here are some of the lessons learned.


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