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5 Tips for Training Around Injury

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Yusef here. If you’re someone who’s struggled with injury, and worried that it’s set your progress back, then watch the video below.

My last post about offseason training for the powerlifter mentions that I’ve had to take some time away from the pifflywiffling and switch focus. Here’s 5 lessons learned over the last 18 months for how you can actually leverage your injury to keep your progress chugging along without worsening things or regressing.

If you’re not following the principles below, you’re likely to be not only risking further injury, but you’d simply stop enjoying your training. Your spine doesn’t have a concept of #beastmode.

The sooner you can find success in the movements you can do, the quicker you unlock potential to keep growing, while giving your body a chance to heal. Remember Colin, who rehabbed his ACL and still built insane quads at 50 by training smart around the injury? What do you think would have happened if he was part of the ‘squat-or-you’re-a-pussy’ brigade?

Here are the 5 tips for training around injury:

In summary:

1) Don’t ignore the niggles.
2) Find a decent physical therapist and ask them for homework.
3) Self maintenance: You don’t only brush your teeth when you have a toothache.
4) Stop banging your head against the wall: Don’t be dogmatic with exercise selection. Don’t be racist to machines. They’re people too.
5) Find success in the movement: Progress within your pain free range.

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