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why should you trust these two?

We’re Jonny and Yusef. World level powerlifter and doctor dedicated to getting you the physique that you deserve.

We also have a thing or two to share about mindset, productivity, meditation, and business.

Our guarantee: Follow our method, and you’ll get results.


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If they can, you can.

4 steps to transform your physique:

Attaining your goal physique is not complicated. 

Do fewer things, better.

Step 1: Calculate your Personalised Calorie Targets:

Step 2: Eat foods you like.

Bin the tupperware. 

Bin the 2-hourly brown rice and chicken-breast

Bin keto/vegan/detox horror shows. 

Calories are king 👑️.

Track your meals with MyFitnessPal.

FAD (2)

Step 3: Lift 3x/week. Add weight or reps each week.

Trim the fat from complex programmes. 

Progressive overload is key.

Track your workouts with HeavySet →

Step 4: Subscribe:

Youtube: 💻️

Podcast – Upgrade your commute: 🎧️🚗

Step 5: Work with us

Our method simply works. Unlike some of the hobjobbers and charlatans out there, we put our money where our mouth is. 

You follow the method, you’ll get the results. 

Guaranteed, or we pay you.

You’re no different to the 3000+ clients we’ve transformed. 

Get in touch to see how we can best help you with our self-paced programmes.

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