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Hi 👋️. We’re Jonny & Yusef.

Ahhh finally. Your search is over.

We are a world level powerlifter and doctor who have dedicated ourselves to getting you the physique that you deserve.

Below is everything you’ll ever need to upgrade your:

– Physique 💪

– Mindset 🧘‍♂️️

– Productivity 💻️ 

– Business 📈️

All with surgical efficiency, and less effort.

Our promise: Set the clock for 12 weeks, and follow our method for free. You will be transformed before you hear the ding.

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Quick Start Guide:

5 Steps to transform your body:

Step 1: Calculate your free, personalised calorie targets:

Step 2: Eat foods that you enjoy

  • Bin the tupperware. Bin the 2-hourly brown rice & chicken breast, Captain-Tupperware. Bin the keto/vegan/juice-cleanses. 🗑
  • Calories determine weight direction. Training determines what your body does with that weight.
  • Eat the foods you want. Don’t substitute your personality for a diet.
  • Calories are king 👑️: Track your meals using Macrofactor (best option – Discount code PROPANE), or Cronometer (free). Plan meals with EatThisMuch.

Step 3: Lift 3x/week. Add weight or reps each week

  • Trim the fat from complex programmes. 
  • Progressive overload is key 📈️.
  • Use our free programme: the Propane Protocol. Track your workouts with HeavySet.

Step 4: Do less, but better. 🔥️

Cut out the noise, minimise stress to make space for the things that matter.
  • Meditate in the mornings 🧘️
  • Cycle caffeine
  • Optimise your sleep 😴️
  • Disable notifications on your phone 🙅‍♂️️📲️
  • Start a weekly brain-dump, deep-work habit, and shut-down routine.

Step 5: Subscribe

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