1) ‘If It Fits Your Lifestyle’ (IIFYL) – If a new diet is 20% more effective but 80% harder to adhere to, dump it.  The whole principles around IIFYL on this website revolve around finding a diet and training program that can blend into the background, rather than chasing unrealistic optimality and falling off the wagon.

2) Calories > Macros >> Food choices
I spent the majority of this year eating some absolutely obscene foods, and I got leaner than I’ve ever been while gaining strength. The reason was that prioritised hitting those three numbers, carbohydrate/protein/fat without worrying about leucine-timing or intranasal MCT-pulsing. Surprise surprise, dropping the stupid little details made no difference, despite what supplement companies incessantly claim.

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This was hard psychologically, since we used to agonise over the correct dose of MCT for our clients before HIIT, or precisely how long you need to fast before BCAA is required. What a relief. As a result, we’re releasing the Propane Protocol v2 soon, which is even more flexible and effective.

Learning about IIFYM the hard way:

3) Tracking – Scan the barcodes of your foods with MyFitnessPal, and track your training numbers with Gym hero  That way you can test our mad claims about pringles and cheesecake and then look back and say with conviction that perhaps calories in really does equal calories out!

4) Evernote–  Free app. The closest thing to a neuroprosthetic – a searchable extension of your brain. I file study notes, receipts, warranties, recipes, books, Propane articles, to-do lists and training splits. Use in combination with Camscanner/Tinyscan for smartphones to scan physical documents into PDF and upload straight to Evernote.

5) Finally, this cheesy quote from Dr Seuss: 

This was one of the drivers behind finally posting my article on meditation. I’m slowly learning that when I put out an idea, people can take it or leave it. It’s not your job to preemptively censor yourself. In essence, ‘fuck da haterz’.



The Next Step

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11 KEY Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid

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2 responses to “Yusef: What I learned in 2013

  1. Hi Yusef. I think the prominent thing I noticed in 2013 was a growing awareness of the role of carbs in the diet in the UK, thanks to media coverage of the benefits of low-carb diets for fat loss. Have you noticed anything similar?

    While still admittedly lagging, it’s nice to see people around me actually starting to know what carbohydrates are, and that dietary fat isn’t quite the bane of health it once was in the 90s.

    1. Hi Jon, thanks for the comment. Yep totally agreed – whole food groups tend to get demonised depending on the current fashion. Best thing is just to ignore the popular movements or outdated, agenda-fuelled government recommendations and base dietary choices on the body of evidence done relevant to resistance-trained individuals :)


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