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Propane Podcast Episode 75

Show Notes

Part 1 of Propane Fitness’ interview with Yogi Robin Ramage of Yoga Therapies.

In this episode Jonny and Yusef are joined by Chris Williamson and their Yoga Teacher Robin Ramage. Robin is a Newcastle based teacher of Forrest Yoga. In the first part of this interview they discuss how Robin became a Yoga Teacher, how Yoga humbles even the strongest Powerlifter and how Yoga can change your body and your life.

Time Stamps


04:15      Robin Ramage on his yoga journey and “The Original Wound.”
09:48 “Flight Fight or Freeze” & storing negative energy.
15:20 Ana Forrest and a short history of Yoga.
24:50 A different kind of strength & breathing through the barriers.
34:00 How Yoga provides the antidote to the woes of the modern world.
43:22 Chris on the pleasure of peeing without pants.
45:50 Genital cupping, scraping away the layers & the path to liberation.
48:25 Robin on how yoga can change your body and your life.


Propane Picks week ending Sunday 02/04/17

It’s that time of the week again when we sift through the world of Fitness and Productivity to pick out our favourites for your listening viewing and reading pleasure. If you’d like to be considered for our weekly pick-list then shoot us a message.

Our number 1 pick this week

An Unbiased Argument for Flexible Dieting , Breaking Muscle

“If you go back and take a short look at the way people were dieting 5-10 years ago, you would witness a horrible scene of well-meaning individuals putting themselves through extreme levels of restriction and fatigue (both physical and mental) for the sake of getting lean. And heck, I totally get it. Being lean is awesome. Especially for those who haven’t been lean before. But the thing is, there is an objectively better way to go about getting there than cutting out every single food that gives you any sense of joy.”

The rest of the list is pretty awesome too!


The Next Step

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