Andy has been my client for a little over a year now. In that time when we started working together his goal was a blend of performance and aesthetics with a bit of a focus on running thrown in there too.

Over our time together so far, we’ve pursued mass gain for nearly 8 months while keeping him decently lean. Around April this year we switched gears to fat loss so that he could reveal some of his hard earned gains around the pool parties in Vegas!

We felt his progress was worth a share as it serves as an example of two things:

1) Andy made consistent progress while never giving up the food he enjoys, I don’t think a month went by without him drinking alcohol in some capacity. We manipulated his calorie intake over time and often made use of 48 hour macros, weekly averages and non-linear dieting methods.

2) Andy took his time and kept his focus long term. He spent a good while pursuing mass and strength gain before trying his hand at some fat loss. His long term approach allowed us a few breaks for holidays and time to pursue his other passion – running. (we’re not just powerlifters you know!)

Andy has been a pleasure to work with and we just want to say well done from everyone at PropaneFitness!

Over to Andy:

So I’ve been threatening Jonny for a while that I’d get round to doing a testimonial for Propane Fitness and finally, here it is!

I’ve been working with propane for over a year now. January 2014 was the turning point. Too many binge drinking sessions and subsequent takeaways, I was out of shape. Coming from an athletics background when I was a teen, I did what I knew best. Run. Yea I lost weight, but did I look any better for it? No. I was losing muscle mass as well as fat. 

I decided that some resistance training had to be the answer and as a gym instructor decided to start on a weights programme and largely forget about cardio. I steadily started to improve my body comp and made some steady progress.

The inevitable then happened, I hit a plateau. I read a load of conflicting information and tried a hand full of new weights programmes, probably overtraining, coupled with more carbs, less carbs, more protein, more calories. The result- spinning my wheels. 

I’d been following PropaneFitness on Facebook for a while and took the plunge Spring 2014 and haven’t looked back. 

My goal was always to remain lean, I’m a keen OCR runner so didn’t want any strength/weight gains to hamper running performance. I’ve worked closely with Jonny on a number of programmes and macro adjustments to enable me to gain strength/muscle, whilst reducing body fat. It’s been nice to have the decision making taken out of the equation and just get to work hitting macros and completing a training programme on a weekly basis. 


I wouldn’t say I’m there yet, but put it this way. I’m around the same weight as I was ten years ago but stronger, carrying more muscle and certainly less fat. I’m not the fastest of transformations, but I’ve had breaks where cardio fitness has been of importance before runs/events, so weights has taken a bit of a back seat. I’ve also been keen to avoid the yo-yo diets of mass gain cycles followed by hard difficult cuts, all be it probably quicker, it wasn’t my idea of fun.


What have I learnt?

A lot about my body and how food/calories affects my performance/weight and that it’s certainly not necessary to be in the gym day in day out. Recovery days are also vital. 

What have I had to give up?

Essentially nothing. I still enjoy my food and nights out. A lot of the tracking can work on averages, so it’s not always the end of the world if your over on one day, just factor it in to the rest of the week. Jonny always has the ability to pull something positive from the tracking sheet, no matter how bad a week you think you’ve had. 

Advice to anyone thinking about it?

Go for it, what have you got to lose?

If you’re already training, why not maximise your results and get a process designed customised to your goals.

Jonny and Yusef are both great guys and fit things around your current lifestyle, not change your life into a restrictive complicated mess! 

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