More video picks from us this month: flexibility, steroids, deadlift setup, the food industry, psychiatry and a FREE TOASTER BONANZA.

Kit Laughlin partner hip flexor stretch:

In our last video picks we linked to a psoas-focused yoga routine. This is something a bit more brutal. The reason we hammer on about this stuff is that I guarantee if you squat/deadlft + sit at a desk a lot, you’re GOING to have a tight rectus femoris. Find a sadistic friend and start easy with this one:

Gracilis party:

Another from Kit Laughlin – we’re big fans. This one is fascinating. Here you can see Kit manually separates a stuck gracilis (an adductor of the thigh) from semimembranosus, one of the hamstrings.The result is an instant gain in pancake flexibility:

What is muscle?

We spend all this time lifting, it would make sense to have a rough idea of what this muscle stuff actually IS. Yusef gives a brief overview:

Deadlift: Bracing the abs:

The most common error we see with clients’ deadlift and squat setup is not correctly setting the breath. Here’s Cody LeFever (total of 665kg at 75kg bodyweght) discussing correct bracing to improve your lifts and stabilise your spine:

2 more deadlift setup tips

We’re always told to keep the bar close to the shins when deadlifting. Not always the case: depending on your height, starting with the bar too close to your shins can result in you stiff-legging the bar. A mistake I’m guilty of with conventional pulls. Also discussed is committing fully to the pull.

Why we don’t take steroids:

Our recent episode of the PropanePodcast, we discuss steroids, and why we don’t take them. So you’d beta get ready:


The funniest thing we’ve seen all year.


What’s a food industry to do:

Dr Yoni Freedhoff discusses dishonesty in the food industry:

100 chicken McNuggets and 100,000lb total tonnage squat

Candito gonna Candito. Nauseating to watch


‘A proposal for a radical revision of psychiatry & psychology’

Ballsy title, but OP delivers. Clinical psychiatrist synthesises and puts forward a completely different paradigm for the looking at the human psyche.

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