Yusef here. I’ve been following some pretty leftfield stuff of late worth sharing, all vaguely connected to the development of mind, body and spirit.


Yoga for the psoas:

Particularly for those of us that are squatting/deadlifting a lot, combined with a lot of sitting, your psoas is likely going to resemble a gristly mess. I’ve been doing this routine in the mornings and including some as part of my lower body warmup. Challenging, but not so difficult that it’s depressing. Definitely reduces any lower back/hip tension:

Click for video
Click for video

Pose sequence here (images)


Kurtis Frank (examine.com): A western scientific perspective on chinese herbalism


Terrence Mckenna poking fun at the big bang theory:

“Every model of the unvierse has one hard swallow. i.e. the argument cannot hide that there is something slightly fishy about it. They’re effectively saying ‘give us just one free miracle and we will roll from that point forward, from the birth of time to the crack of doom.’

This is the limit test for credulity. It is no different than claiming “and God said ‘let there be light’.”

Bryce Lewis: 5 tips for the bench press

Nicholas Nassim Taleb: The impact of the improbable

“I don’t listen to questions. Answers are decorrelated so I can continue my speech. But it’s OK, you won’t notice. When a journalist asks me one of their dumb questions, I daydream, and then answer randomly. It works beautifully, nobody notices.”

“When the bridge collapses, your angry phone call should be to the engineer, not to the final truck driver that went over it before it collapsed” – In reference to the financial crash

Marc Keys: The science of strength gain:

I pushpress your squat

Jonnie Candito: Conventional vs sumo for non powerlifters

(Spoiler, it’s usually conventional)

Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu – Canadian Buddhist monk who’s just started a youtube channel

“Experience is impermanent, unsatisfying, uncontrollable, and not worth clinging to. With the dropping away of clinging there is the end of suffering, and with the end of suffering there is freedom.”

Yusef: “It’s all in your head”


I tried to avoid a 15 minute unbridled rant.. I really tried.
Brain and gut inflammation, neurotoxic diet coke, cortisol-elevating protein, xylitol, mycotoxins in coffee and other rubbish. Here’s why these things are a rabbit hole of hypochondria and should be fastidiously ignored.


John Sarno, Healing Back Pain:

“therapeutic eclecticism is a sign of diagnostic incompetence.”


“Why do contemporary physicians have trouble with mind-body concepts? I believe it is because they see themselves as engineers to the human body.

According to them, health and illness can be expressed in physical and chemical terms, and the idea that a thought or an emotion could somehow have an effect on that physicochemistry is anathema. This is why my work has been so studiously ignored. I have demonstrated conclusively that a truly physical-pathological process is the result of emotional phenomena, and can be halted by a mental one.

That is, first of all, rank heresy, and secondly, beyond the comprehension of most physicians. Nothing in their training prepared them for such an idea, and to them it smacks of voodoo. It reminds them, with a shudder, of the old era of unscientific medicine before Descartes.

Paradoxically, thoughtful laymen are much more able to accept such an idea because they are not burdened with a medical education and all the philosophical biases that go along with it.

Contemporary medical science is scientifically limited because it has closed itself off from further progress, being unwilling to venture out beyond the secure boundaries of its familiar technology. It ought to take a lesson from the field of theoretical physics where old ideas are constantly being revised in the light of new knowledge.”


Gabor Mate, MD., discussing addiction

Jonny: A year of squat experiments:

Gary Weber – what magic mushrooms teach us about the brain

Harvard neuroscience results presented on centres in the brain responsible for the sense of ‘self in time’ and ‘self in space’, which are physically altered when someone undergoes a ‘mystical’ or ‘enlightenment’ experience.


“Turtle saving is a hobby” – That’s not a turtle m8

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