Choice, a cruel mistress.

We saturate ourselves with options – diets, programs, supplements, gyms, barbells, footwear, shakers. You name it, there’s more than one person giving their (often contradicting) opinion on how it could and should be done.

The result? Confusion to the point of sabotage.

There are many ways to skin a cat but ultimately you need to remove the skin (excuse the crude analogy). You want to lose fat? I don’t care how long you don’t eat for or whether you eat all your carbs at 3:10am: just be sure to eat an energy deficit, get enough protein and train heavy 2-4 times per week.

Anyone who thinks adhering to the above rules wouldn’t work is a misguided fool, likely busy deciding how many grams of L-irellevantanine to add to his/her post-post workout concoction and will probably elude significant progress for some time to come.


There will always be someone offering an option that seems easier and simpler than the accepted norm. “Not gaining muscle? Just do make this one small change (and buy this program) and it’ll happen overnight”. Calorie deficits and progressive overload don’t sell e-books and that’s why there overlooked, that’s why we’ll always get showered with the latest and greatest way to get summer abs in 14 minutes.

Overcome the misinformation with simplicity, limit choice and eliminate options. Decide on a program, pick something solid and reputed. Listen to one person’s diet idea and set your intake to complement your goal, cover your bases without nutritional dogma, rest enough and monitor your mobility. Repeat for several months and re-evaluate.

Fast from contradicting options, build your fort of solid principles bolt the gates and don’t come out until you’ve made change. Remember, stick to the basics, add weight to the bar and send the scale in the right direction – you’ll reach your goal.

In this game, your best friends are simplicity and consistency, keep them close.

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