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Our number 1 pick this week is:

Addiction Transfer: Are you swapping “unhealthy” behaviours for “healthy” alternatives? – Dr Lisa Lewis

The truth is, addiction has many faces; it impacts people of every gender, ethnicity, size, and socioeconomic status – and addiction manifests itself in many ways: drugs and alcohol, gambling and sex, shopping, working, food, and even exercise.

The rest of the list is pretty awesome too!

Propane Podcast Episode 71

Show Notes

In this historic and eagerly anticipated episode, Jonny and Yusef are joined by their first ever female guest, the inimitable Sheri Miles. Sheri effortlessly combines 2 seemingly opposing sports – Pole Dancing  and Powerlifting. In this episode they discuss how the 2 impact and complement each other, who has the highest WILKS and Stereotyping.

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Time Stamps

02:10    Introducing Sheri Miles – Prolific IPF Powerlifter and Pole Dancer.
04:00 Poles Apart? How Pole Dancing led to Powerlifting.
08:27 Bench Press comparisons & The Roll of Shame.
13:50 Who has the higher WILKS? Jonny or Sheri?
21:30 Dragon Flags, core strength & Pole Dancing’s positive carry-over to Powerlifting.
23:57 Pole Dancing Stigma – does it exist & how to deal with it.


Photo Credits

We would like to thank Grant Horne of Powerphoto for allowing us to use his featured images of Sheri Miles in this article.


The Next Step

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