Propane Podcast Episode 72

Show Notes

This is the Second Part of Jonny and Yusef’s interview with prolific Pole Dancing Powerlifter, the inimitable Sheri Miles. In this episode they discuss Sheri’s powerlifting inspirations, how she balances training with a demanding career and how she deals with unsolicited advice and attention in the gym. You can listen to the first episode here.

Time Stamps

03:08     Dealing with unsolicited advice at the gym & perceptions of women in powerlifting.
05:30 Sheri on meeting @trackfu – powerlifting idol Kimberly Walford.
08:21 How Sheri balances training and a demanding career.
15:30 Jonny’s resting bitch face, Sheri on dropping a weight class & her plans for 2017.
24:19 Powerlifting inspirations and the paradox of Bench.


Photo Credit

We would like to thank Grant Horne of Powerphoto for allowing use of his featured images of Sheri Miles in this article.

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