Episode 42 Show Notes

Part 2 of Jonny & Yusef’s interview with Chris Williamson, “Best Abs on Love Island”, multiple business owner and model. In which they discuss Porn Star Names, the worst whey flavours and how Chris adheres to his training and diet while living an insanely busy life.

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Time Stamps and References

00:01          Yusef splits his pants…
01:49 The Absurdity of misspelling Yusef, Porn Star Names and how to embezzle the Inland Revenue.
06:56 The Thai Massage Parlour Next Door – Chris tells a story about late night shenanigans, hula hooping and Grand Theft Auto.
11:15 Survival guide to long days and late nights, Food Prep mastery and Chris’s sweet tooth.
13:44 Whey hey hey – which flavours hit the spot and why 5kg of Birthday Cake was a bad idea.
14:57 A Macro is a Macro – whole foods versus supplements discussed. Why chicken is not necessarily superior to whey.
17:11 Bullet Proof Coffee, MCTs, Yak Butter Tea and the burning question: where exactly is Tibet?
20:01 Chris on Meal Prep – how prior preparation has improved his dietary adherence.
23:30 Strategies for managing hunger patterns – carb back-loading and why going to bed hungry is a bad idea.
25:35 Limiting choices and how negatively reinforcing potential bad decisions improves programme adherence.
27:25 The joy of flexible dieting – how meal prep can work in tandem with social eating.
28:35 The need for rules and Parkinson’s law – how structure reduces the susceptibility to making poor choices.
29:40 How to achieve adherence by breaking down major goals into a series of small achievable steps.
32:01 Procrastination Versus Discipline – why rules are essential for the disorganised.
34:09 “We are what we repeatedly do” – how doing the same thing over and over again creates order in a turbulent life.
35:30 The necessity of mistakes – fail until the pain of failure makes you want to change.
36:30 The evolution of the fitness industry – from discipline to flexibility.
38:10 How to be a personal production line – Periodization, build systems that are flexible, identify weaknesses
40:55 Why “Beast Mode on” is an redundant concept.
43:52 Punching the clock – why the majority of gym sessions are just going through the motions.
46:07 Personal Accountability – how having some basic rules will allow you to build flexibility into your life.

The Next Step

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