Episode 41 Show Notes

In which Jonny and Yusef are joined by Chris Williamson, The Best Abs on Love Island, and discuss coffee, life, training periodization and how Chris manages to maintain his famously shredded physique while having a crazily busy lifestyle.


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Time Stamps and References

00:00           How many Propane Athletes does it take to make a cup of coffee? (sidenote: never give these boys a lightbulb).
01:20         Yusef introduces today’s podcast, an interview with Chris Williamson, former Afro wearer, erstwhile Take Me Out Contestant and “The Best Abs on Loveisland.”
03:22 “It’s me or the tractors” Yusef tells a story about Chris.
07:39 The Butterfly Effect. Chris Introduces himself, whilst on the A1, cars collide.
09:00 Chris begins his many insights into managing a busy lifestyle whilst maintaining his famously shredded abs.
10:23 50 Shades of Chris: Managing stress across the pond, lost Luggage at JFK, Uber Taxis and an unplanned overnight stay in NYC.
14:00 A short ironic interlude: Apple bashing by Apple addicts.
15:50 Welcome to Propane Podcast Episode 41:  Today’s guest, Chris Williamson, kilt aficionado, Club Promoter extraordinaire, model, businessman and Poster Boy for www.funkypigeon.com
18:18 Today’s key question: How do you maintain the shreds while juggling so many commitments?
19:01 Chris in the beginning: all the way back in 2006 and how Chris started out working in Newcastle’s club scene.
22:40 The Need for flexibility when things don’t occur in a predictable way.
24:52 Chris’s biggest challenge – How to find balance when we are essentially creatures of absolutes.
27:31 How to find the middle ground & “The False Dichotomy”: the challenges of life periodization, Smolov and Boost Bars.
29:28 Jonny on Habit Development: If something is important to you, doing something is better than doing nothing.
32:30 Training and mobility: How Chris optimises his time at the gym.
34:02 How training intensity allows for a less than perfect diet.
35:20 “Just Stick To The Programme”: How not to be neurotic & handing over accountability to a coach frees your mind.
38:01 “Optimisation is Masturbation”: The best plan is the one you can stick to.
40:00 Wrap up: Going head to head with a powerball.

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