In this episode Jonny and Yusef discuss dragons, toilet paper and why different Macronutrient splits suit different people.

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Why do different macros suit different people? 

Time stamps and resources


00:00   Resveratrol, Cinnamon and Indigo 3G.


02:45   “Would You Rather?” revisited – be a dragon or have a dragon?


04:12   Yusef introduces this episode’s topic – why do different macro splits suit different people?


06:03   The first Hater!


07:36   Timestamps, subscriptions and how to download the Propane E-Book.


08:49   Insulin Sensitivity and Carb Tolerance.


10:20   Carbs are not the enemy – calorie balance is key.


12:20   Why The Media demonise certain macronutrients.


14:01   How low carb affected Jonny – the negative lifestyle impact of a low carb diet.


16:15   Reality versus perception – how people think they react to different macro splits.


19:59   The Propane Approach – fitting your diet to your lifestyle.


22:31   Satiety – how a low carb diet reduces hunger.


27:03   Propane Wizardry – increasing a client’s calories beyond their expectations.


29:13   Protein – the first macronutrient.


30:52   Fats – flexibility, social life and personal preferences.


32:45   How little fat is too little fat? Hormone balance and satiety.


34:33   Conclusion – Calories are key, carbs are goal dependant.


35:20   Don’t get too hung up on Macros: Measure, track and be consistent.


36:31   Wrap up and Links




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