In this Episode Jonny talks about ways in which we can successfully improve our systems for Self Management and subsequently increase productivity.


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Improving Self Management – Time Stamps & Resources


0:30   Jonny mourns the absence of Yusef, who is sunning himself on holiday.


1:45   Show Notes reminder for listeners and how to sign up for content notifications.


4:40   Podcast Hot Topic – Why do we struggle to Self Manage?


5:25   Appropriate Value – Present versus Future gratification.


8:35   The relative cost of Doing versus Not Doing.


10:30  Jonny introduces his 4 top tips for improving Self-Management.


10:45  Creating “Positive Constraints”


13:25 Breaking down the initial Psychological Barrier.


16:14 Be more intentional with your time.


18:02 Parkinsons Law


20:04 The 4-Why? Analysis


21:50 Next Week: Why people respond differently to different Macronutrient splits




More on Parkinson’s Law




The Next Step

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