In this episode, we interview Dean Somerset: medical exercise specialist, kinesiologist and exercise physiologist – training a range of clients from post-surgery rehab to olympic athletes. Bloody smart guy. Here he is in the power-stance after opening a can of whoop-ass on someone:



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0:48: Jonny marching in with the sideplanks
1:50: Introduction
3:25: Migrating to Mars
4:36: The idea of ‘dysfunction’ may be positive adaptation
6:40: Importance of daily posture
9:05: Trying to fix your posture by standing up straight
10:10: Is sitting bad for strength performance?
16:30: “You must squat or you’re a pussy” – get in the sea.
20:24: How much mobility work is too much?
22:00: Side planks (watch Jonny’s face light up here)
24:00: Mobility vs stability
27:00: Back pain from lifting
33:20: Attracting weird friends


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Resources mentioned:

1) Dean’s hip flow warmup sequence:

2) Lifting with back pain, and what to do about it:


Strength is Corrective

2 Simple Ways to Reduce Back Pain While You Get Your Bro On


3) Catch Dean on Twitter and Facebook



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