Episode 47

Show Notes

Back by popular demand, Chris Williamson once again joins Jonny and Yusef to compare insect stings, play another round of would you rather? and discuss today’s big issue – Erections. Do you get morning wood every day? If not, should you be worried? All while battling 2 bastard wasps.

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Timestamps and references

01:20      A Wasp battling preamble
07:40 Back by popular demand – Chris Williamson hits Jonny with a cookbook
11:30 The Schmidt Pain Index and a comparison of Propane insect stings
15:10 “Fat Jonny” gets stung by a wasp at school
18:04 Morning Wood – a good indicator of testosterone levels?
21:18 Are missing morning erections an indication of an underlying problem?
22:35 Is there a Testosterone Rhythm?
26:10 A brief anatomy lesson & how to turn your penis into a towel hook
28:40 Would you rather? – The Push-ups Edition
35:10 How to add 25kg to your bench with The Armstrong pull-up Programme
43:09 The Magic Fedora versus extreme speed


The Armstrong Pull Up Program

How to add 25Kg to your bench in 8 weeks

The Schmidt Pain Index


The Next Step

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