A common question we asked is how to maintain strength on a diet. In this episode, we discuss strategies to ensure minimal strength and muscle loss:

Shownotes & Timestamps:
3:00 –
Yusef nerding out on the microphone
3:40 –
How to convince someone you don’t speak English
6:00 – Closing a door to an RPE 10
7:45 – Jonny being asked to push the neurologist as hard as he could
13:00 – Jonny gets pumped by the neurologist
19:30 – Actually getting on to the intended topic: How to stop strength loss on a diet
23:00 – The 5 mistakes to avoid
32:00 – Why muscle loss is not as scary as you think
33:00 – Sometimes you could be asking the wrong question – the solution could be to take a break
36:00 – Weight loss highlights technical complacency
36:30 – Wrap up & recommendations

The Next Step

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