Timestamps and references

00:40       Pushbullet and being caught off guard
01:28  The Yoda Question decoded
03:45  Would You Rather? revisited – Part 3
06:00    Yusef’s confessional – The Thermic Breakfast and the broken rib
09:08 The most Macro friendly place to eat out?
10:00 Longhorns for the win and take home brisket
12:59 Today’s Podcast Topic – how to stop caring about leanness
15:00 Finding your personal leanness sweet spot – optimal training v optimal aesthetics
17:30 Factors which affect aesthetics
18:45 The limited benefits of being shredded
21:20 Enjoying the process rather than focusing on the end result
23:15 Define and persue your target – set a body fat goal
26:01 The Propane Protocol – The initial fat loss phase
27:45 How to look better naked – lose fat and gain muscle
29:30 The body fat surplus buffer – a little extra is inevitible
30:45 The Mordor Deficit – why a cut is sometimes necessary for a powerlifter
32:30 The Dangers of leaving weight gain unchecked
34:45 The mental release of leaving it all to a coach
36:17 The importance of learning your own lessons, wrap up and references



Longhorns BBQ Newcastle

Pushbullet – all your devices working better together



The Next Step

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