In this episode Jonny and Yusef discuss toilet habits, talking to strangers and how to fill up the space of dead time in the day.

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Time Stamps and resources

0:30 Today’s hot topic – 5 things you can do to fill up the unproductive gaps in your day.

01:39 Tip 1: The Morning; how to gain clarity and focus with a morning walk.

06:28 Putting on your own oxygen mask first.

07:29 Talking to Strangers – or at least making eye contact.

08:05 Tip 2: Being comfortable with your own thoughts & how to treat the toilet as your sacred space.

11:00 How drinking water can add to your mental clarity.

13:08 Tip 3: Improve your efficiency, how to make the most of your gym time.

20:48 Tip 4: Driving – how to optimise time spent behind the wheel and mindful driving.

28:30 Tip 5: The Evening; How to dedicate your time to decompression rather than self-sedation.

32:27 Identifying dead time in order to facilitate personal growth.

33:05 Conclusion & Wrap up, how being intentional with your time will enhance your life, references and how to subscribe.


The Next Step

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2 responses to “PropanePodcast 38: Hack dead time to get more done and improve your training

  1. that was great :) One thing I noticed was when I was in the gym and resting between sets, I was stuck when I didn’t have any data left on my phone and no wifi, genuinely didn’t know what to do with myself. Thought about taking a book but thought that might look a bit weird. Might try the method of putting accessory movements for different body parts in between sets, could be handy.

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